"We do not see the things as they are, we see the things as WE are." Anais Nin

Notes for an Epilogue / Tamas Dezso


Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_Dump Dump – West Romania, 2012

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_scrap collectorMetal Scrap Collector – Hunedoara, West Romania, 2011

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_mineThe Petrila Mine – Petrila, South Romania, 2013

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_floodThe Flooded Village of Geamana – Central Romania, 2011

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_factorySodium Factory – Central Romania, 2012

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_farm houseFarmhouse – West Romania, 2011

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_sheep farmSheep farm – West Romania, 2011

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_prison darkroomThe Dark Room at Sighetu Marmației Prison – North Romania, 2012

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_roadshopRoadside shop – West Romania, 2012

RomaniaCiprian, the Bear Dancer – Salatruc, East Romania, 2013

Tamas_Dezso_Epilogue_anastasiaAnastasia – Livada, North West Romania, 2012

Selection of images from the ongoing documentary project on the changing notions of Eastern European identity, titled Notes for an Epilogue, by Hungarian photographer Tamas Dezso.

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