"We do not see the things as they are, we see the things as WE are." Anais Nin

free music… real artists

un gruppo di musicisti della “comunità” francese di Jamendo, un album di denuncia contro la politica di JamPro… un album che apre una finestra sull’universo della musica CC … 2 ore di musica, un album per tutti i gusti….

Here we are, all artists, in order to propose some of our talents and a part of ourselves.

One says «  «  when one loves, nothing counts « ….yes indeed, we don’t take care of our time for our melodies, of our money to get the necessary stuff for our musics, and we don’t count our happiness when we got feedbacks of what passionate us. When also don’t count when we let you freely listen and download our tracks, and the artists here on this album have received more than 3 millions of listeners/ Downloaders together to reward their talents…

We are pro Jamendo, but we aren’t Jamendo Pro. It’s not a matter of playing with the words, it’s an important difference one could resume it as follows :

This portail is a superb window throughout the world for CC music, so free music, and provides to us artists a very appreciable visibility. But we are no employees neither mercenaries , our competences belong to us, and nobody, either Jamendo or someone else, has the right to do things they want without respecting our author rights, and this is very important for us all.

That’s why we offer freely to you today, the Music Day in France, this album «  Free Music Real Artists «  as our present, and also as a liberty message as we share what is ours.

Thanks to all of you for listening to us, this album has many different musics, from Chillout to Rock, from the French Artists collective here today for the third time , more than ever and with more new talents together….



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