"We do not see the things as they are, we see the things as WE are." Anais Nin

we thought we had it…

oggi ho fatto pace con il mondo…

You know, some years ago we thought we had it. We had found a thing called the atom and that was that. But then whoops! the electron turned up. And then bang! there was a proton. Then when we got past all those there came all kinds of things-mesons, antiparticles, and it got worse and worse. We are a self-observing system which is like the snake, the ouroboros, that bites its own tail and endeavors to swallow itself to find out what it is. And this is like the whole quest of ‘Who Am I?’ We are saying, ‘I would like to see me,’ but look at your own head. Can you see it? It is not black, and there is not even a blank space behinde the eyes-it’s just plain nowhere. And thereby hangs the tale. Most of us assume as a matter of common sense that space is nothing, that it’s not important and has no energy. But as a matter of fact, space is the basis of existence. How could you have stars without space? Stars shine out of space and something comes out of nothing just in the same as when you listen, in a unpredjudiced way, you hear all sounds coming out of silence. It is amazing.

A. Watts from The atom. The final aswer?


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